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IMG_6852Stacey is a graduate from the University of South Florida, earning a B.A. in Corporate Finance and a B.A. in Management. She is a Certified Life Coach specializing in fitness & improving your health.  She is a writer, speaker, entrepreneur, and have been a Real Estate Broker for over 20 years. She currently resides in Georgia with her husband of 23 years and their 4 sons, ages from 12 to 21 years old,  her two sun-conure birds Rico and Delta, and Toby their cat.

Stacey brings a unique perspective to Life Coaching since health management is close to her heart. She has experienced a health crisis first hand in her own home. One of her sons-who were eleven years old at the time-was on the verge of being overweight and being placed on cholesterol medication.  She knew as a parent she had to step up and do something to help her son develop healthier habits. After a huge lifestyle shift, her son has been fit and healthy ever since. It has been 10 years and counting and her son has kept the weight off.

Her son is now 21 years old and embraces a balanced and active lifestyle. Little did she know that stage in her life would be the beginning of her journey towards Life Coaching.  When many of the parents from her son’s school, friends, and church members saw his transformation, they asked her to put what she did in a book so they could do the same for their own families. She made the decision to dedicate her time towards teaching others ways to help their own families become healthy physically and mentally.

This is how the book “Slimdown for Kids” and this website to help people with their health was born.  All of this has led Stacey towards being a Life Coach.

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Blog writer for Slimdown for Health, student for life, wife, daughter, friend, artist, nerd, movie lover, avid coffee drinker, obsessive reader, and girl. Her list of accomplishments includes receiving her college degree, following her passion, finding love, and finding her purpose in life.

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Slimdown for Health is a website that will give you nuggets on health. We will offer fitness, health,  nutritional, and lifestyle information. We offer this information on our site to inform and to entertain. On Slimdown for Health there are no tricks, no gimmicks, bells or whistles only hard work.  In order to lose weight and stay healthy it will take work and determination on your part. We are here to help women and men from all over the world to improve their health and lifestyle.



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