SSFK eBook

Table of Contents

Introduction: Our Journey

Everyone Likes a Bonus: The Benefits of Getting Fit
Germs, Schmerms
What Goes In...
Don't Block the Oxygen Pump
Sugarcoated Misery
The Obvious

You are What You Eat: So Stop Eating So Much Junk
Remove All Temptation
Fat Banking
Are You Noticing a Pattern?
Fuel for the Fire
The Water Challenge
Take It Slow
Sleep it Off
Fiber, Fiber, Fiber
Supplementary, Of Course
Flush It Out
Salting the Earth
Restaurants of Doom
The No-No List
Friendly Foods
Recipes for Success

I Like to Move It, Move It: Fun Ways to Get In Shape
The Payoff
Body Mass Index
The Mirror Test
Grab Your Gear
Stretchy Struff
The Basics
Consistency is Key
Rocket Booster
Better Than Duct Tape
Tricks of the Trade
List of Fun
Keep On Moving It

Closing Arguments: Just a Little Note

Extras: Resources, Charts and Recipes
Continue the Search
The New Grub
The Snack List
Breakfast Bonanza
Likeable Lunches
Delectable Dinners
Succulent Smoothie Blends
Smoothie Hints
Change You Can See
Weekly Food Journal
Monthly Food Journal
Weekly Activity Journal

Slimdown for Kids - eBook (Kindle, EPUB & .PDF) -- $9.99

Childhood obesity is an increasing epidemic. Our food choices of high fats and simple sugars coupled with lack of regular physical activity has escalated the problem. In taking care of children and adolescents, an increase in childhood obesity has led to early onset of illnesses like diabetes, hypertension and hypercholesterolemia which usually occur in late adulthood. As an advocate for children, I serve others in my daily work trying to educate, equip and encourage parents to choose healthier lifestyles for their children.

Prevention is the key. The information in this book is from the heart. It’s the personal journey/experience of one mom who took control and found what worked for her family in obtaining a healthy lifestyle. It is my hope that you will find insight and motivation from her experiences and take control of your own family’s nutritional health in a way that works for your family. It is one of the greatest gifts you can give!

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SSFK eBook

"Slimdown for Kids" will help you find insight and motivation from Stacey Simone Bronner's experiences and take control of your own family’s nutritional health.

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